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Enjoy the view from the top of the river banks as you descend down the road towards the Many Islands Campground that is nestled on the banks of the mighty Peace River. Visitors may be able to see the many small islands in the river that the campground is named for. There are few things as relaxing as sitting by a crackling campfire while watching the silent power of the Peace River flow past. This campground offers some stunning scenery of the river valley and the wildlife that call the area home. There are camp sites with fire pits, picnic tables, outhouses and camp kitchens for individuals or groups. River boating enthusiasts can launch their boat here and take in the sights from the river as well as try their hand at fishing! Back on shore campers of all ages can enjoy the playground, hiking trails and horseshoe pits.

The Many Islands Music Festival is held here every summer. A great weekend of music, dancing, and much more! Many Islands Campground is 24km Southeast of Worsley off highway 64.


Many Islands is ran by a non-profit organization MIRDS (Many Islands Recreation Development Society) our goal is to provide our visitors with an amazing campground and park to enjoy throughout the season! 

Our Board and Sponsors work hard to maintain the park and provide activities and upgrades to Many Islands!

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